The Game-Changer

StaX.app is the โ€œgatewayโ€ to TheXchange on which VirtualStaX are bought, sold, traded and collected. StaX.app is a Progressive Web App that can be accessed worldwide by any person with Internet.

It takes an Issuer (Talent) approximately 15 minutes to register, get verified, set-up their profile, link their social media accounts and create & issue their own VirtualStaX. The initial Buyer (Fan) registration process can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

Buyers can fund their wallets to buy StaX with: Credit Card, Wires, ACH, USDC and Crypto.

StaX.app (TheXchange) combines the purpose and allure of all the concepts below:

Trading Platforms

Digital Collectables

Social media hub

Fantasy Sport

Social & Fan tokens


Talent Agency


NFT Marketplace

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