2.4.1 BaseStaX

Every Issuer of StaX receive 100,000 BaseStaX that trades through StaX.app on TheXchange.

Upon launch of an Issuerโ€™s BaseStaX, 50,000 are sold through a 10-day global online Dutch auction. This mechanism determines the starting price at which their BaseStaX will trade on the Secondary Market. The balance is released over time as certain milestones in an Issuerโ€™s career is reached.

StaX Issuers can offer; premium content, special utility and live online access to connect and interact in a dynamic and meaningful way with their Fans.

The performance, popularity and utility of the Issuer drives the desirability of their StaX, and therefore the demand. The higher the demand, the higher the market price. Insanely simple!

StaX Buyers never participate in the StaX Issuerโ€™s current or future income, in any way. VirtualStaX are not securities.

StaX Issuers receive 90% of the total revenue generated from their BaseStaX and a 1% trading fee on all future third party peer-to-peer trades.

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