VirtualStaX (StaX) are blockchain verified Digital Trading Cards in talented people that Fans can buy, sell, trade and collect through StaX.App

2.1.1 VirtualStaX for Issuers (Talented People)

From rising stars to superstars; register to create and issue their own StaX within minutes through StaX.app

StaX Issuers promote their StaX to friends & fans worldwide, connecting with supporters in a dynamic way as they fund their careers.

2.1.2 VirtualStaX for Buyers (Fans)

StaX offers Fans a powerful new way to access premium content in their favorite people, participate in their journey and share in their success.

So youโ€™re the biggest fan in the world - now prove it!

Discover amazing new talent and build your portfolio of StaX in talented people - as they perform, so does the value of their StaX and your portfolio.

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