1.1 What are VirtualStaX?

VirtualStaX (StaX) are Digital Trading Cards in talented people that trades on the โ€œGlobal Stage.โ€

Now, any talented person, in every corner on earth, can list VirtualStaX in themselves through StaX.app

Pros - Monetize their popularity. Amateurs - Fund their dreams; and allow Fans worldwide to participate in their journey, access premium content and share in their success.

1.2 TheXchange (StaX.app)

The worldโ€™s โ€œFirst Global Xchange for Peopleโ€ where VirtualStaX are bought, sold, traded and collected.

1.3 TurnCoin

TurnCoin is the Digital Security that drives TheXchange.

TurnCoin entitles its holders to a pro-rata share of the global turnover (gross revenue) of the TheXchange, paid out monthly in the form of a cash yield.

TurnCoin is the Digital Security Asset of TheXchange and therefore receives a percentage from; every VirtualStaX sold worldwide, in every person, in every passion of life.

This whitepaper explains the Xtraordinary StaX business model that underpins TurnCoin and drives its monthly yield and value.

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